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Why Intrapreneurship?

Did you know that 1 out of 3 intrapreneurial projects give birth to a solid new business, which is 3× more efficient than entrepreneurship! In a world of aspiring entrepreneurs, it is time to value innovation within existing family businesses.

Who would have thought that a family owned recruitment firm would invest in creating an app that helps tracks lost items at hotels? Drakkar & Partners has pushed for many intrapreneurial projects and their success is not due to chance — the company’s management approach is clearly outlined in the organization’s charter of values and oriented toward risk-taking, creative improvement, and empowering innovative ideas.

By focusing on intrapreneurship as a tool to re-energize their company, Drakkar & Partners has been able to capitalize on numerous business opportunities and remain at the forefront of their industry, while motivating employees and keeping competition at bay. Read their case story on their innovative project developed through the Intrapreneurial Initiative and others here.

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