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Should you join the Family Business?

What if family members worked for two-year periods in the family business, at various points in their lives?

A commonly asked question is: “should I join the family business?” People typically think that the answer must be ‘yes’ or ‘no’. But suppose the answer were to be: ‘for a bit…when it suits…when there’s a particular job for me…as part of a career that has several phases’?

Arturo Zapata, from Mexico, was telling BFF at last Forum how he agreed to work at his father’s company for a two-year period. His aim was clear and limited in scope: he was going to help his dad set up a professional management team, and when it was done he would leave.

He managed to get a two-year leave of absence from his current role at a multinational in order to help sort out a situation that was causing his father a lot of stress. Arturo’s brother also joined the business for the same two-year period, with the same time specific goal. Take 90 seconds to listen to Arturo’s story.

Here at the BFF office we like widening up discussions beyond a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. So, if you know people who are thinking through the ‘should I join’ question, please feel free to pass on this snippet from Arturo. Sometimes the answer is not black and white, and that’s ok.


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  1. It is always better as it gives you better negotiating power as well as options to work outside the family business.

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