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Challenging the way we prepare the future

This past October, we hosted in Vancouver, British Colombia, the Family Matters Forum 2017 – Triple Bottom Line, welcoming family leaders and experts to take these matters into their own hands and share ideas on how to take action around People, Planet and Profit.


People – Rethinking how we Invest in people

Our families and our employees are the future and have the potential to trigger growth, diversification and innovation. An outstanding way to prepare the next generation of creators is to enable them to become INTRApreneurs.

Family Businesses recognized the need to have grounded discussions about how to lead family businesses into the future and about reinventing Leadership for the 21st century.


Planet – Re-evaluating the Preservation of our Planet

When it comes to our planet, there is an opportunity to activate wealth for the common benefit and direct capital to work on behalf of nature. But how do we broaden the conversation to the rest of society?

As a multigenerational effort, part of the answer may be found in millennials while the other part may get ideas from within their teams and employees.


Profit- Reassessing the Way We View Profit

In order to remain ahead of the curve and capitalize on new trends and market opportunities, it’s paramount that we change the way we measure success, beyond indicators of financial gain.

This topic was a projection of an evolving future, the anticipation of growth and the need to establish new ways of viewing profit.


As humans we are creatures of habit, but  we have the capacity to learn from the past. Don’t wait for the crisis to think about succession. Do it sooner and do it with love.

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