Business Families Foundation Family Matters Forum 2016

Family Intrapreneurship

A Corner Stone for the Next Generation's Economy

Intrapreneurship is the key to a successful growth economy, harmonious families and fulfilled business owners.

For years, some of the greatest leaders have been implementing intrapreneurship at the heart of both their organizations and their families.

Today, their great achievements urge us to take note, so that we may reproduce similar success stories for the next generation as they look for their place within the empires we have built.

Intrapreneurship is the process of creating new and innovative projects leveraging the financial, technical and human resources of an existing business. Unlike the more commonly defined entrepreneurial ventures, intrapreneurs multiply their chances for success by getting a ‘leg-up’ on both knowledge and networks.

Focused on the Future

Cross perspectives from experts and families bearing all

In 2015 Business Families Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary and decided to do things a little differently.. We asked world-renowned experts and members of the families they knew, to team up and present important topics addressing the future our families, businesses and economies at large. The key, was that each presentation was delivered in under 20 minutes! Speakers had to drive home their examples, ideas and solutions with high impact, energy and powerful messages.

This year, back by popular demand, the Family Matters Forum 2016 | Intrapreneurship in Action is challenging our participants to deep dive into a topic that has little been explored: Family Intrapreneurship.

Get ready for insightful presentations, enlightened conversation and a whole new outlook on what it means to create new business within your intrapreneurial family!