Women in Enterprising Families Initiative

November 20-22

The Reflect & Refocus Workshop

An Insightful Exploration for Women in Enterprising Families

Join us for an enlightening gathering designed by women for women in enterprising families, and experience community in the deepest sense. You are invited—ideally but not exclusively as a pair from the same family—to retreat and connect for a rejuvenating and empowering exchange.

Over the course of these two days, indulge in a little reflection and refocusing (R&R) with like-minded women who play similar roles in their enterprising families. Together, we’ll step back, take a look at, and explore some of the most relevant issues faced by you and other women in your family. United, our power and potential are limitless.

The Women in Enterprising Families initiative is founded and supported by the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation in partnership with Business Families Foundation and others.

Gaspé Beaubien Foundation

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Our Lives: Challenges and Consequences

Both burdened and blessed with many important and complex roles, women in enterprising families are constantly juggling time and relationships. Gain perspective and share insights on how to better balance family and business, manage expectations of others, and place a greater value on “the self”. Grow in pride, confidence and self-esteem. Diminish guilt in respect to the uncontrollable. Achieve a more satisfying balance. You can indeed do it all, just not all at once.

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The Light We Bring to the 21st Century

Gain insight into the ways you enlighten the world by simply being yourself.

The Light You Bring to the 21st Century

Reflect on the many roles you play.

You’re Not Alone

Understand the state of affairs for being a women in the 21st century.

Crystal and Rubber Balls

Take a step back and consider what matters most to you.

Skills and Tools for Leading our Lives Beautifully

As our environment shapes us, we in turn must feel empowered to shape our world. Recognize what you can and cannot change (and why that’s okay), and discover where it is most worthwhile to apply your energy to create positive change. Understand how your environment underlines or undermines your empowerment, and how to make those positive changes for you, your family, and the community to which you belong. You are more powerful than you think.

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Presence and Giving Quality Attention

Discover what it would mean to work sequentially rather than simultaneously

Be Intentional

Organize your behaviours, for they are values in action

New Perspective

Learn to find beauty in the most chaotic of times

Positive Outcomes

Reflect on what brings you joy and plan to recreate those moments

Be Gracious to Yourself: Admire and Respect Yourself

We are both teachers and students. This understanding bring us, our families and our businesses to a better place. Explore how coaching, learning and sharing are the basis for personal development. It is only through the allotting of specific time to prioritizing our own needs above those of others—for moments of personal reflection and development—that we can map out our path towards individual fulfillment, making us stronger contributors within the family and business. Be the best version of ‘you’ that you can be.

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Your Playing Small Doesn’t Serve the World

Embrace your strengths and recognize your value

Dare to Dream

Be inspired by your own future

Put a Voice to Your Dream

Articulate your dream and realize the possibilities

Put Legs to Your dream

Turn those inspiring dreams into reality

About the Women in Enterprising Families Initiative

Business Families Foundation’s Women in Enterprising Families Initiative (WEFI) was developed to connect, recognize, and support women involved in family business. This is a platform for shared experiences, learning from one another, and bonding over the joys and struggles that come with our families and our businesses. The WEFI will be offering online education, mentorship programs, as well as events held for its community members.

Join us at this intimate gathering which promises to be an eye and heart opening experience for you and another woman in your enterprising family.
Reserve your spot today, spaces are limited.