Business Families Foundation Family Matters Forum 2015 A vision for the next 25 years

Nov 19 & 20

The Vision 2040
Think Tank

Focused on how to reach 2040 more effectively, successfully and harmoniously, this is a strategic brainstorm around the realities that enterprising families will face over the next 25 years. Join us to share your experiences, your ideas and be part of the conversations that will better equip us for the future.


Nov 20 & 22

The Reflect and Refocus
Women’s Workshop

Developed for women by women, this two-day gathering is an eye and heart opening experience for you and another woman in your enterprising family. Explore your many roles, how to leverage your environment and plan for a future true to family, business and most importantly, you!


Your business is a matter of family

Come share our knowledge of the past and a vision for the future that you are helping create at our first-of-its-kind enterprising families gathering.

An occasion filled with the best reflective hindsight, expert insight and visionary foresight you could wish for. This is your event, and possibly one of the most important and empowering happenings you will attend all year.

A far-seeing and broad-ranging “Think Tank”, an event tailored just for women to explore the themes central to their role in today’s enterprising family, and an anniversary celebration – all in this exciting event we are hosting this fall from November 19th to 22nd in Miami, FL.

Make a date with this important event, and set your family enterprise off on the path to achieving a more easily sustained and harmonious future.


Nov 19

A Magical 25th Anniversary Celebration

In the year 2015, Business Families Foundation celebrates its 25 years supporting enterprising families. On the evening of November 19th, we have the opportunity to pay tribute to our founders, contributors and the many experts, academics and family leaders who have strengthened and shaped the field of family business and continue to do so with passion and wisdom moving forward.