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Women's roles - successors & siblings


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Listen to Julia Raphaely, Lavanya Nalli Ramanathan and Kristin Kotelko discuss their role as women in the family business as new leaders.


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Julia Raphaely

I think the only way that you can carry on a legacy is to lead by example and that has to be authentic and come from you.

Lavanya Nalli Ramanathan

I like working the family business and I like, there’s a sense of autonomy there’s, a sense of ownership and it’s nice to connect with your family members that you’ve never seen them before.

Julia Raphaely

I think if you have an amazing role model, if your privileged enough to be in that position where you have one, it’s probably the most important thing, because culture and legacy guides most of your decisions in your life.

Kristin Kotelko

My dad and my uncle are great producers of this great beef product, but their first ... View More and foremost farmers and so I bring that next level of generation and the new outlook for the family farm.

Lavanya Nalli Ramanathan

I’ve got my father and my grandfather both very strongly involved in the business and it wouldn’t be, it would be considered rude if I brought it up and I said what about succession, and who’s next in line?

Kristin Kotelko

My dad basically says that he’s given me a white sheet of paper and some crayons and told me to color on it and draw whatever picture I wanted.