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Why is Understanding Finance so Important?


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Listen to Karl as he explains the importance of understanding finance in his field of work. As a member of the rising generation, it is important to demonstrate an understanding of finance and other business related subjects to garner the respect of others. As the next generation puts their knowledge into use, other members increasingly value their opinion.



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I’m 20 years old, studying at JMSB in finance, it’s my second year. I feel like I learn different things. My degree in finance, or the theory I learn in finance helps me when, let’s say, I’m dealing with let’s say mortgages and interest rates and everything that we have to deal with when buying or selling a property. So, has it helped me? I have to say yes. We deal with brokers and banks and things like that so I don’t think the time has come yet for me to actually, when my word is the final word, you know, my dad has 20 year experience. But when I hear things and I recall it from class I give him my ideas and my opinion. And I thought, I understand this stuff, I think my opinion would matter, and obviously my coworkers and my dad know that I’m studying ... View More this stuff so they take it seriously, and the second you know what you’re talking about it, and that even banks and whoever your dealing with understands you, that’s when.