Family Business

Tips for Future Family Business Shareholders


2 min




Alessandra Nishimura shares advice for the next generation.


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I would say curiosity. Be curious about your family business, if you don’t know it, go there, visit, ask people, ask questions about it. I would also say, be interested about your family history, know about your grandfather, know about whoever started the business, just get to know your family history. Also persevere, cause sometimes we tend to just let it go, or to get whatever is easier. It’s not easy to be on a family business, it’s not even easy to work in your family business, sometimes it’s harder, if you were just a regular employee somewhere else it would be much easier for you, so if you choose to be in your family business, just persevere in that. And I would say, help your family to have a program to develop you and your cousins or you and whoever’s on the next generation, you can even attend MBA ... View More for family business, but you can also do it tailor made, as we did tailor made in our family, and now we’re going outside to look for other kinds of preparing or MBA or something to help us out.