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The 3 Most Important Things when Creating a Spin-Off Business


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The 3 things that are important to bring from one business to the other are; one of them is to create a culture that promotes creativity, innovation and intrapreneurship because you need to leave space for the way people think, the way you let people interact, the way you let people make mistakes. All those things make the culture of the company and I think it’s crucial in order to be able to have success in bringing creativity and innovation and intrapreneurship in business. Another one that I think we lack in Mexico, is the openness to bring diversity in groups, in teams. I think we are very comfortable to work with people that think similar than ourselves and that is the biggest wall that you have for innovation. When you make teams of people made of diversity, in sex, in ideas and even in age and in ways of ... View More thinking, is much more difficult, much more hard to work but when you do, you create much more innovation because you have to question everything in order to succeed. And I would say that the third factor, which is also very important is give an opportunity to people to fail in small things. If you let them make mistakes, if they know its okay to make mistakes, of course having all the hypothesis, thoughts and research and everything planned to have success in whatever project you are doing. But if they know they can make a mistake and it’s okay, that gives the opportunity for many other people trying new things. In some businesses, it’s the other way around; if you fail at something it seems to be more like a political disaster and you won’t try it again if you have that environment.