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The Spiderman Principle: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


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Listen to Philip Aminoff talk about what new owners need to keep in mind as they receive shares.


Philip Aminoff


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I think our family ethos is such that we pay a lot of attention to the moral integrity and family members who have that gain the respect and the right to be owners and to have roles and responsibility, and that’s what we value the most. There’s been a moment in time where we’ve been able to hand over shares to the next generation without them going bust, through inheritance or gift taxes. I think there are two things that they should keep in mind more than anything else. The first thing that they should keep in mind is they need to be credible towards the rest of the family, they need to prove through their actions and decisions that they do what they believe to be right, regardless of what the outcome is that they take decisions that they believe to be right and that are right towards other ... View More people too. The second is that they really understand the Spiderman principle that is with great power comes great responsibility and as long as we can see that they understand that ownership means responsibility and they take it seriously, age doesn’t matter so much.