Family Business

The Challenges of Working From Home


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Beth and Maylen Cytryn talk about the unique challenge of balancing family and business when the business is based out of the home.


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It brings a whole different dynamic to our situation, so BethCare exists, and BethCare is a very important, I can only speak for myself, but BethCare is very important to me. So trying to balance the family life and the work life is very difficult, and basically, it’s a work in progress and I haven’t perfected it yet but I’m still working at it and it will come. But the bottom line is that BethCare is in that house 24/7. BethCare is a baby that needs attention all the time, so it is a challenge, but it’s a work in progress.
I tried to work outside of the home as much as possible, it’s actually something that we’ve discussed recently. I try to get out if I’m in the house, it overwhelms me. So I will bring my work, unless, I will bring my ... View More work out to a coffee shop unless I have something that needs, I need to stay home, I need to be in the office/dining room. But I think that being in that space, when we’re together, its BethCare work, so we go into that space and it’s kind of blocked off from the rest of our home and it’s the BethCare headquarters.
That’s a good point, it’s true, it’s like, when we enter the room, ok, we’re here.