Family Business

Taking the Family Legacy in a Different Direction


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Some of the things that I take from the Family Business that I´m very thankful for are; first the emphasis on education, my family gave me opportunities and the tools to be able to follow my own path, to follow my dream of studying whatever I wanted to study, at the school I wanted to go to and then after that, go on to a Master´s Degree. I´m very thankful for the passion that they shared with me and that I then took to carve out my own route in something similar. I feel that even thought I´m in a completely different sector, working for non-profit in public policy, I feel very connected to the mission and the vision that my family business has on improving Mexico and on improving the lives of the citizens that live here, fighting for a much more just and equal Mexico where everyone has ... View More opportunities and some of those things I’ve taken with me and I turn back to on a daily basis. I remember growing up in a family where my dad and my uncles where very open about taking on new challenges and sometimes those weren’t the best decisions or sometimes they failed but the vision and the passion to embrace these challenges and push trough is something that I see reflected on my daily life.