Family Business

Taking on Ownership Roles


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Listen to Margaret-Jean Mannix talk what taking on an ownership role meant to her.


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So the challenges that I’ve faced as a woman shareholder in our group of companies, is overcoming three generations of no women as shareholders in our group of companies. Really, it was about 15 years ago that women first became shareholders in our family, and that was when we had a transfer of ownership on our family foundation. And it was an amazing opportunity to learn about the ownership circle, to learn about unanimous shareholders agreements, and really, in reflection, I can’t think of a better opportunity than being able to really take ownership for all of the rules, regulations and thoughtfulness around how to shares get transferred, for the future and even beyond us, us being my generation. So that is a unique way I think that our women, in our family have been able to come into ownership roles. The ownership of the business and some of the ... View More other personal wealth within the family, that’s a different story. My generation is still quite young, our previous generation is still in controlling ownership mode, and to be honest shareholder-ship of the owner circle, of the businesses, has not transferred, so that’s still a mystery in our group.