Family Business

Supporting your community


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Watch the Hubert family, owners of Hubert\'s Family Outfitters, a second generation, small family business in the retail sector in New Hampshire, USA, as they describe why and how they give back to their community, and how it reinforces their sense of purpose and legacy.




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Tom Hubert
Whether it is sponsoring little league teams or helping out with schools, we try to do the right thing for the town. And sometimes it does require extra work. It is not always the easiest thing to do. We feel it is key. It is very important to us, to give back to the community, to be part of the community I guess, and to do that I think you have to give back.

Kathy Hubert
I have always been very, very involved in the community, because it is good business practice, plus also it is the right thing to do.

Guenter Hubert
Kathy has had some great successes on her side, you know, with economic development and historic preservation.

Kathy Hubert
I think it is very important to be involved and get your ... View More hands dirty. What I have found as I have matured and done a lot of projects, is that you have got to get deeper into the systemic cause.

I was asked to be chamber president and I loved that, but I found that it was not really addressing the real economic issues. Newport has huge economic issues; our people are under-employed. So I joined the Economic Corporation of Newport and got very involved in downtown revitalization.

Tom Hubert
She was very willing to do that, and I think we were all very supportive, to help her out when we could to allow her the time to do that.

Guenter Hubert
It is important to be philanthropic because, you know, that is how these towns were all built.

Kathy Hubert
We are committed to this community, we are committed to the communities we live in. You are not going to have a good business if you do not have a healthy community. And I think if you look at most family businesses there is accountability about what am I leaving? Who am I? What is my role in this community and this society?

Dawn Safford
Because they give back so much to the community, I think we all have a real sense that by doing a good job, we are also helping the community. You know, when we do a good job, keep sales up and keep profits up, that gives us more of an allowance to play with, to put that money back into the community, to sponsor community events.