Family Business

Supporting Intrapreneurship in the Rising Generation


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Listen to Christine Blondel as she discusses the idea of supporting intrapreneurship in the rising generation. In a family business, it is important that the next generation is passionate about working for the family business. In some cases, family businesses can encourage the next generation to develop new business ventures that they are passionate about, which in turn can benefit all family members.




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The rising generation not to be dependent on the family business, that’s to say, they shouldn’t go into the family business because they have no other choice. They should feel that they are able to do something else, and if they go there, it’s really because they want it. Now, another thing that some families are developing is actually to support next generation members in their new ventures, you know, starting their own business, with sometimes some family funds, but also outside funds, and with some family support in terms of advice or a board of directors, or networking. So some businesses encourage the rising generation to start their own businesses and that will be to the benefit of everyone.