Family Business

Pride in the family legacy


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Watch the Basiles, a third generation business family with employees in the 4th generation, operating Catania Spagna Corporation, based in Massachusetts, USA, explain how each generation connects to the previous ones through the pride and values they all share in the family's entrepreneurial legacy.


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Anthony Basile
I remember my dad in the very early 60s late 50s working two shifts he would leave very early in the morning come home at 5 o’clock eat and then go back until 10 o’clock at night. He had the desire and the will to be a success and wanting to pass it on to his children was his dream. I know in his heart he always wanted us to work here but he never pushed us and said we had to work here it has to be in your blood it has to be in your heart to want to be here because it is dedication it is 356 days a year, it is 24 hours a day, you never stop thinking what goes on here.

Charlie Alvino
J.B. was waiting for the chance that he could turn the business over to ... View More someone I mean he got something that was so meager, to get a family to get by and he saw slow but sure that this business was getting larger, larger.

Anthony Basile
We moved out here 1995 put on a 50,000 square feet building and I remember when we built, had the design for the building my dad says to me “ Build a 100,000 square feet” and I said ‘Dad I am not sure if we can handle 100,000 square feet what will we do with all the space?’ “ I will tell you in 5 years you are going to need another 50,000 square feet” and he was right we put on another 50,000 square feet in 2009 and right now we could probably use another 100,000 square feet.

Christine Basile
My grandfather when uh they made that first addition and he walked around and the look on his face was jut like “ I can not believe I am actually here to see this.”

Anthony Basile
I saw my dad looking around at all the equipment and the machinery and you could just see the gleam in his eyes and I said to him ‘ Dad what are you thinking right now?’ and he said uh “ Not in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would live to see something like I see today,” I want to repeat those words 20 years from now when this place has doubled its size, and uh the kids would be so proud and that would make me the proudest.

Bill Reilly
My father in law he was just in aw of what was uh what he had accomplished, it is quite a facility, it is amazing how we got to this point, and we still have the opportunity to get it even bigger. You cannot rest you have to keep moving forward, you got to make sure you do the right things, make the right decisions that is why we are all together here.

Anthony Basile
My goals and dreams for this business is to see uh the fruits of my dad’s labor and our labor continue on and uh see the company expand as much as possible and I just want to be healthy enough to see it happen down the road.
Quite frankly if it was not for the 4th generation I am not so sure if we would be where we are today the plateau where we are they have raised the bar of the company over the last year to be more professional and take the company to levels that we have never seen.

Joseph Basile
Seeing what my Grandfather did, and my father you know and his generation has done, that is my fuel right there, wanting to put my mark on things, and you know satisfy those individuals seeing how their hard work has been you know carried onto the 4th generation.

Christine Basile
Some day my father will be in my grandfather’s position where he is just basically 100% sitting back and just watching us, where we have moved some where else bigger and everything is just getting huge, and he is going to look around and say “ I never thought I would live to see this.”

Anthony Basile
First of all do not tell them but I am not retiring (laughs). Second of all I am 100% confident that today I could pass on the business to the kids and ride off run off into the sunset somewhere and they would do a tremendous job but I can guarantee you that I am not going anywhere. This is my home, I… come here sometimes on Sundays just to come here because I have got nothing to do and come here just to walk the plant and that is when you are by yourself and that is when you look around and you say ‘ Oh my God what have we done here,’ and that is when you appreciate it the most.