Family Business

Passion Recognizing Each Other’s Strengths


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Listen to Randy explain how recognizing the strengths of others can benefit a family business. Noting the specific strengths of an individual can make it easier to assign appropriate roles, thus rendering the company more efficient. In family businesses, It is important to ensure that each family member is working in the position that best highlights their strengths.


Randy Burns



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We all sort of entered the business at the same time, we’re all fairly close in age, within four years of each other, my older sister and my younger brother. It just really, we entered at the same time, we recognized each other’s strengths, and we were able to sit down with my father and work where we felt we could really benefit the company. In my case it was sales and marketing, my brother was a little bit more behind the scenes in terms of operations, particularly sourcing, my wife was in a customer service role, and my sister was in a role that helped me in marketing, but at the same time was definitely behind the scenes in terms of some of the logistics of the company when it came to operations, finance and accounting.
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Ensure each family member is working in ... View More the position that best suits their strengths