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Making ME Time


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It is important to consciously set aside time for personal reflection and well-being. Physical activity can help you feel stronger and clear your mind. Be specific when you bring activities into your schedule.


Paulina Garza


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I find it very important to consciously set aside time for personal reflection and wellbeing. When I feel satisfied physically and mentally, I find it easier to achieve my goals. Taking time for myself, especially doing something physically strenuous helps me feel calmer and happier. And the activity that works best for me is running. It is very easy to schedule, I can almost do it anywhere and just walk out of any door and go for a run. It makes me feel stronger and healthier, clears my mind and helps me deal with stress. Having that time with no structured thoughts, no plans, is often when I realize how to deal with specific problems and find solutions to specific situations that I have been trying to resolve. Although I usually run to get that me-time, apparently scheduling it, putting it in your actual schedule as, not as like time ... View More to do something for me, but actually saying ‘going for a run in certain park at certain time’, or ‘going to the museum from 1-2’ helps to actually bring that specific activity into the schedule.