Family Business

Let Them Know How You Admire Them


1 min




Listen to Luis explain how his grandfather made all employees feel valued. In a family business, it is important to appreciate both family members and non-family members in order to create a warm and equal work environment.


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The first thing that I remember of our family business is we have at the end of the year a big party with all the employees, and my grandfather encouraged for all the family members to be there and to mingle with everybody and one of my, one of the best, best, best memories that I have was to see how humble my grandfather was, and how he mingled with everybody and made everybody feel part of our family. Because they were the ones who helped us getting to where we were going to. He always, always, always made it a point to feel that everybody was part of the company and everybody was part of the family. He was my role model. He not only cared about his family, he cared about his friends. They tried to help each other. You can’t be selfish.