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Keeping it in the Family


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Listen to Jordan Lennen, 2nd generation Dairy Queen franchise owner, discuss the importance, for him and his family, in keeping the business within the family. Next generation members who have grown up a part of the family business often feel a sense of pride and attachment to the family business and are eager to be a part of the business’ future.


Jordan Lennen


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So in terms of taking over the business, I mean, it was never my dream to run a Dairy Queen franchise, but, I definitely want to try and pursue my own thing and I think the goal is for my brother and I to run it between the two of us and we definitely want to keep it in our family forever, hopefully, it’s like a really nice location right next to the mountain and it’s kind of like a staple in Montreal now, so we really want it to be part of our family for a long time. To have something like that in the family long-term means a lot to me, I mean, I want my kids to work there when their younger, I want their friends, cause that’s how it was for us. My brother, my cousins worked there, our friends, our family friends worked there, altogether ... View More it was really the time of our lives. I remember having shifts, myself and four of my friends, just blasting music, serving ice cream in the summer and it was like the best times of our lives it was really fun, and I want my kids and their kids to have that and it’s a really great place.