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Internal Processes to Guide the Rising Generation


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Patricia Saputo discusses the internal processes of educating, mentoring and advising the rising generation.


Patricia Saputo


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So in our family office, we don’t have an established process in terms of education. That’s what we’re trying to work around now. So we’ve been having our family meetings to try to establish how we can help the future generation to mentor them in the activities in the business, in what they want to pursue in the future. So this is something that we’re trying to develop now in our family, to see exactly if it’s in terms of education, or mentoring, or setting up a type of advisory committee so if they have a business plan to propose and they want to get into a particular business, that there’s a committee set up to be able to look at that business plan, see what the faults are, see if we can help improve it, so that when they embark on whatever activity/business they might take on, that we ... View More can help them with the success of that business plan. So that’s the extent of what we have today, but it is a growing part of our family office.