Family Business

Importance of Governance Structures in Expanding Families


2 min




Alessandra Nishimura shares her experience of creating a program to develop future shareholders.


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The governance structure that we have, it was more for the second generation than for my third generation, where we are 19 cousins. But the thing is it helps to have, for example, corporate governance, that we will make everything in the company work smoothly. And I believe it’s also very helpful to have family council or a family board, or someone who represents the family, so you have the right forum and you know where go when you need it. In our case, for example, I did not, at the time when we started the program to develop the future shareholder, we did not have any structure, we only had the board of directors, but we didn’t really have like a family committee or a family board. But they kind of had me, and my uncle, and together, we worked on this program for the future shareholders.