Family Business

How Important are Your Employees?


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Listen to Nikitasha Kapoor talk about the importance of valuing employees in a family business.


Nikitasha Kapoor


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My family business has taught me, especially in whatever start-up I want to create in the future, is that you need to trust in your employees more than you trust in just your small little niche of your family. You’ll hear it actually often. I’m not too sure, but you’ll hear a lot of people say oh I left this job because it was a family business, they didn’t really listen to any of my opinions. You know, the family ran the operations and we just did whatever. So I think for me in the future is, your employees are probably going to be there for you more than your family in some instances, and they’ll bring some fresh air to any of your ideas, so valuing your employees going forward probably one of the best things, I’d say. Looking back at any sort of struggles that we’ve had, it’s ... View More been the ups and downs with employees and being short-staffed and what-not, so we’ve changed that and that’s because we value them a lot more, I know that’s one, but I think that’s the main one for me.