Family Business

How family relationships impact business dynamics


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Watch the Basiles, a third generation business family with employees in the 4th generation, operating Catania Spagna Corporation, based in Massachusetts, USA, describe the importance of parenting and family values in creating a healthy competitive atmosphere among siblings working in the business. In a family business, it is important to create an environment where family members have positive rivalry, creating a stronger sales team while simultaneously supporting one another.


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Anthony Basile
When I put the key in the door that morning, I am not Dad anymore. Though in my heart I am, but I just cannot, I have to make a decision based on everyone’s talents or the desire and the needs of the company.

Charlie Alvino
I was afraid of having too much family because of family friction. To have a family business, it is difficult because of the jealousy involved.

Joseph Basile
My brother Stephen and myself are 14 months apart and we have a very good working relationship. Yes we have our disagreements, but at the end of the day, we typically come to terms and have a unified, you know, approach on the business. Ego can be very destructive; it can be destructive and fatal to a business. This is the livelihood of the family, you ... View More know, all the employees here, that at the end of the day if the family and the business cannot be successful then we got nothing.

Christine Basile
How many people get to spend every single day with their family, you know, when there are families out there that do not get along. What is going to make us go on and get bigger is all of our teamwork not just one individual.

Joseph Basile
What is important is that we all remember why we are here, and we are shooting for the same common goal.

Robert Basile
In order to make the business work, you need to put the father-son, father-daughter, brother-brother, you have to push that aside.

Charlie Alvino
You have that fierce drive that you want to be better than someone, then they all have it.

Anthony Basile
It is good for them to have a rivalry because it makes them stronger as a sales team, like I have got 2 boys that are salesman. But the great thing is, is when there is a new order coming through or a new customer or an account that they have been working on for a long time, or someone gets a contract, they will high-five each other. There is no animosity there, they are a team, they are together all the time. So that is the type of rivalry that we have, it is a positive rivalry, it is not a rivalry where, oh you know, you did well today, and I did not do that well today, and I am jealous of you. That does not exist here.