Family Business

How Did You Establish Your Role Within Your Family Business?


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Jason Frohlich tells the story of how he became an established employee in his family business.


Jason Frohlich


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How did I establish that role within the family business? Well, I started off by being a one man show, basically. The company already had a market that it was targeting, had a product line and my, my role was to find a way to take those products that are being offered across the country and make them available online. So I had an e-learning, web marketing role and at first, nobody really understood what I did or really understood the need to convert these products and make them available online. So I literally was by myself. Then I hired a Concordia intern so then we were two people in a room, in a corner, working on ideas and strategies, building prototypes and eventually I established an actual division of the company so we created the e-learning division and the main company started to use our products and eventually I ... View More was an established employee not just kind of the mad scientist in a corner back room.