Family Business

How Can Family Business Inspire Entrepreneurship?


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Nikitasha Kapoor talks about carrying on the entrepreneurial spirit she learned from her family business.


Nikitasha Kapoor


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In terms of me wanting to do something else in the future and still carry on the entrepreneurial sort of ways of life, I kind of understand what’s demanded in terms of being an entrepreneur because of how it’s been with my family. I’m someone who will put in the hours if need be, I’m not someone who looks at the ticking clock and be like oh, you know, I banked in 8 hours I’m going to get paid, if it takes me as long as it does, that’s what I’ll do. But in terms of me being and entrepreneur, I like the fast paced-esque of it. I like that things move quickly, decisions are made quickly, and things are implemented even faster than that. It’s just a matter of having the right team that’s able to pivot with you if need be. That’s what I love, I love the ... View More adrenaline of it, yes it’s hard, yes it’s financially straining, but you get through it if you like it.