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Grooming the Rising Generation


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Listen to Adele Levinge explain how she transferred family and business values to the rising generation. Raising the next generation with appropriate consequences to help learn what is right, from what is wrong, made transferring business values easier.


Adele Levinge


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Teaching the values to the next generation I think for us, or for me, has really been a day-to-day proposition in terms of raising my children to have a very strong sense of what’s right and a very strong sense of knowing what’s wrong. And I think, you know, just day-by-day, everything that they did, they knew it was right, or they knew it was wrong, and they knew if it was wrong, there were going to be consequences, and if it was right then, they also knew there was going to be consequences, good consequences. So I think for me, and for us in our, in my family, I think that’s been a very important thing that they, just that strong sense of right or wrong.