Family Business

Getting Your Idea Off the Ground


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Jan Olszewski shares his experience trying out a new idea, and the steps he took to get started.


Jan Olszewski


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First of all, I always wanted to start my own business, so I was looking for an idea that I could do, and actually I was watching the TV show Shark Tank to get some inspiration and I saw all these business ideas, and I thought it’s quite unfair that only some people get the chance to pitch in front of the sharks, so I thought it would be good if there would be a website where everyone gets the chance if he has a start-up, to pitch in front of entrepreneurs. And out of this idea, I thought, ok, I’m coming from a family business, maybe I could also have a family focus so then the idea was to create a marketplace for family businesses, because I thought there is for everything a marketplace, why is there no marketplace for family businesses. So I talked to some experts and ... View More some other family businesses if they also see such a need and they agreed that this is really missing, and when I did also some market analysis on the internet and I could not really find a website that is offering this, so I came to this, that I should really give it a try, otherwise somebody else will do it and I will regret it why I did not do it.