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Finding the Right Approach to Exit the Business


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When a business owner is approaching a time when he or she wants to retire, there are many roles. We all have to be realistic as to the right approach. There are times when you believe that you have established something that is strong enough o maybe go on and if you have enthusiasm and committeemen on the generation to take it to the next level, that is probably the ideal way to do it. However, if you realize that your company is something that maybe is significantly dependant to you, that maybe it doesn’t match the interest of the next generation or the next generation is simply not interested in it, evidently the right way to move is maybe considering and planning either selling the business or if the business is large enough to doing an IPO. To summarize the way, I see it and the way I would ... View More like my company to remain, or our family’s company to remain is to be controlled by the family even if it eventually did an IPO but always controlled by the family to ensure that the values and the vision and the mission that embraces it remains relevant over time.