Family Business

Finding Balance Between Your Many Roles


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Daniela Ferreira talks about her roles as mom and business partner and how she’s learning to balance them.


Daniela Ferreira


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It’s not always easy, but what I do is that when I’m with my kids, because we’ve tried sometimes we’ve been working and I’m like ok, let’s take a break, I go get the kids, and Julia’s like ok, we’ll just keep working when you get back and I’m like, yeah, you don’t know my world yet. Wait. And they come back and it’s chaos, like a wonderful chaos, but chaos nonetheless. So you’re not focused on, I felt like I wasn’t really being mom and I wasn’t really being the partner and being creative, it was just a mess, I was getting frustrated so what I try to do is really, when I’m with my kids, it’s more about the quality of time, instead of the quantity, so when I’m with them, I’m with them and that’s it. And if I’m doing bedtime with my boys, there’s no answering ... View More texts or answering emails, I just, turn it off and I think that’s what’s been helping me to stay sane.