Family Business

Expectations of the next generation joining the family business


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Watch the Beaches, a fourth generation family who owns and operates Basin Harbour Club in Vermont, USA, as each generation speaks about their past and future as members of a multigenerational enterprising family. In a family business, the introduction of an experienced yet fresh member of the rising generation, can bring excitement and new motivation to all employees in the family business.


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Robert Beach
My dad always said, “If you are going to run this business, you have got to know the kitchen before you know the office.” And it is still true. Bob used to work, and he has worked in every single department in the whole hotel. Pennie, she practically did the same thing, she went through the various positions, ending up in the office.

Ann Penfield “Pennie” Beach
Bob and I started working here when we were about twelve or thirteen. With our children, that is my children, when they were thirteen or fourteen they worked here in the summer too, so they grew up with the idea that, you work here, you know, it is what you do. And, as time went along, they got around and saw different facets of things. So it is just part of our family culture I guess, ... View More you know like, you get to a certain age, and you work.

My daughter went to Cornell Hotel School. She graduated in 2006, and she has indicated that she would like to come back and be here eventually, but she is living in Boston now having way too much fun. She really could do that, she is a real people person, and just gets it about the hospitality industry.

Jocelyn Vandal
She has seen many places, all in the hospitality business, so she is going to bring a different dimension here. I think Basin Harbor is still anchored into tradition, which is fantastic, and we cannot lose this because this is what makes our success. But there are maybe different ways of looking at how to do business and approach business, so I think that is what she can bring to the table.

Brian Goodyear
Sarah is her mother, for sure. And what I have seen from Sarah is an even greater respect for the operations piece of things. I guess I would see her as even more well-rounded as a hotelier than actually even Bob and Pennie. She is pretty impressive.

Do I think that Sarah is going to come back to Basin Harbor? I could see her doing it in an instant. I have also seen her take some of the challenges that she has seen outside of Basin Harbor and embrace those, and to learn from those. I would be a little disappointed if I was not able to see that come through.