Family Business

Drifting Away from The Family and Business


1 min




Listen to Luis explain the challenges associated with family members who drift away both physically and emotionally. Luis highlights the importance of staying connected with family by sharing experiences and learning about others.



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For me, one of the biggest challenges for Latin America and everybody else in the world is that the next generation, or some generations, have moved outside of their home countries, have developed other interests, and have drifted apart in one way or another, both from the family and from the business. By sharing your experience with others, by educating yourself, and I don’t mean that of getting an MBA or anything like that, I think you need to educate yourself a lot about the family. And as I heard of yesterday, you can start a business again, you can’t start a family all over. So, I see myself as an owner, and hopefully, as an active family member that is going to promote the family side.