Family Business

Disruptive Global Change Panel


3 min




Panel moderated by François de Gaspé Beaubien



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So put money aside to build those relationships, because when the going gets a little bit tough, those relationships will get you through. And it’s when you have the time, and the most precious commodity we have ladies and gentlemen is time, put time aside to that, that will make the family stronger, and that will make the family business stronger. That would build on yours. Thierry –
Thierry Malleret: So my one thing is split into two, is first of all, is never trust the experts, and if I may be a bit conflicted, because I’m invested in this new technology, you can now make good predictions by harnessing the power of technology – super forecasters – so invest in prediction markets, invest in prediction markets because these will give you a sense of what the big turning points are going to be.
Francois de Gaspe ... View More Beaubien: So to build on your point, cause we’re [taking] value back to the audience, predictive modeling –
Thierry Malleret: Predictive markets, not modelling. Predictive markets, using super forecasters
Francois de Gaspe Beaubien: So super forecasting for predictive markets, and be a bit more nimble. Back to the fox vs. the hedgehog, we are paying attention – be a bit more nimble, because the world we’re living in changes so quickly, that if you dive deep like a hedgehog, you’re going to get-
Thierry Malleret: You die.
Francois de Gaspe Beaubien: Died. There you go, ladies and gentlemen, be more nimble.
Ronald Mannix: My one thing is that family business is the saviour of the world. I think it truly is. We think long term you’ve got sustainability, you know have technology that can bring things together. You put out the values that you need, we’re about sharing, it’s about community, it’s about philanthropy, it’s about enjoying life, etc. The world is in this state of chaos, and it’s a human life that we’re always trying to make order out of chaos, and the best mechanism in the world today that helps make order out of chaos is family enterprise. And I had a bunch of points, we need to redefine the words we use here. It shouldn’t be business, business is too generic, we need a whole new set of terminology to define family enterprise.