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Watch as a father and son discuss the son's decision of whether or not to join the family business. In a family business, there is often a lot of pressure on the rising generation to carry on the business legacy. It is important to consider whether or not this is the right decision for both the next generation member and for the business.

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Listen, before they arrive I just wanted to make it clear to you that there is absolutely no pressure for you to join the family business, ok? It’s entirely up to you, it’s 100% your decision.

Ok. Great. Thanks. No pressure.

No. but I mean, if you did join, I’m just saying, if you did join, if you did want to, happen to want to join, then I’m behind you 100%. That’s what I wanted to let you know that

But, there’s no pressure, right?

Oh, no. No. Though by joining, you wouldn’t just be following me, but also grand-pop, you know how much he loves you, and your great grandfather.

Dad, you just said there’s no pressure.

Yeah, that’s what I’m telling you. There’s no ... View More pressure, ok? Mind you, your mother, she’d be so pleased if you were to stay here instead of going off somewhere where we’d only get to see you once or twice a year.

I’m having the steak Dad, what do you want?

And of course the rest of the family rely on the business for their retirement fund, and so if someone younger, like for instance you, were to take over the business…

Look, Dad, I get what you’re saying to me.