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Complexities of communication - successors & siblings


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Listen to Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien III and Julia Raphaely discuss the complexities of communication between siblings. Frequent communication between family members as well as family members is essential in the avoidance and resolution of conflict. When communicating, it is equally important to discuss both conflicts as well as successes of the business.

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Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien III

At the end of the day, family still has to talk to you. You still have to be part of that and that’s the one thing that you have to recognize is that your family is there for you. During good times and bad times, so you have to keep that relationship up. And keep talking.

Julia Raphaely

When you have disagreement in a family, it’s obviously a lot more personal because you go home and on the weekend you have to see your family member again, you don’t have to, but you know, you’d like to, so you have to deal with issues, even if they’re hard.

Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien III

You know, with siblings and with close confidants and all the rest, you ... View More have to communicate, communicate, communicate. And that’s one of the things that I think we do well in the family business.

Julia Raphaely

You have to have a very strong foundation, because if you don’t, if they’re cracks in your relationships already, they’re only going to be made bigger.