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Complexities of communication - spouse & in-law


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Listen to Nan-B de Gaspe Beaubien, Co-founder/Co-Chair of BFF and Stephen Woodman, Co-CEO of Woodman of Essex, discuss the complexities of communication with spouse in-laws. In a family business, it is important to accept spouse in-laws as a part of the family, as they often have new and innovative ideas, that end up benefiting the business.

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Nan-B de Gaspe Beaubien

You don’t have to be a good communicator, but you have to have an attitude that says I accept you, and I want you to really be a true, open, whole member of this family.

Doug Woodman (Should be Stephen)

So some of the things in terms of expanding the business and bringing new ideas into the business were things that my wife had suggested to my Dad, and he did that with all the in-laws.

Nan-B de Gaspe Beaubien

I learned that I have to adjust my temperament to the new person coming in, because it’s not going to go the other way, I have to let go of my ego and try and get close to them.