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Listen to Professor John Davis, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, and Michael Taylor, Managing Director & Winemaker at Taylor Wines, discuss the complexities of communication in a family business. Frequent communication, in any business, is essential in the avoidance and resolution of conflict. When communicating, it is equally important to discuss both conflicts as well as successes of the business.

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John Davis
Sometimes their CEO’s are hesitant to talk about the family issues.
Mitchell Taylor
We believe communication is very important to make sure you don’t get areas of conflict.
John Davis
When you stop talking, then you stop solving the issues, basically. And the issues never stop, and so you have to keep on talking. And you have to develop a facility for having the important conversations on a pretty regular basis.
Mitchell Taylor
That would be my advice is to, you know, communicate, have a family forum, try to build a bit of structure, and also you know, enjoy the successes of the business, because it is hard work that you do, but to always take that time to just stop, have a family meal, and celebrate the successes too.