Family Business

Challenges for the Next Generation


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Listen to Jordan Lennen, 2nd generation Dairy Queen franchise owner, discuss the possible challenges that come with being in the next generation of a family business. Often times, the next generation feels pressure to be a part of the business, which can often lead to feelings of resentment. It is important as a next generation member, to try to take a step back from the business and explore other options that may be available.


Jordan Lennen


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I guess the worst thing about being involved in a family business is maybe the feeling that you have to always be involved in it. I mean, I don’t think it holds me back from doing other stuff but I feel like it could hold some people back from really going for something that they want to go for, but in my case, it’s, I mean, I do feel like I need to be involved, but I don’t feel like it’s holding me back from anything. My words of advice for someone who’s working in the family business and feels like its holding them back would definitely be to maybe just try and explain to your family that you want to try working somewhere else even if the other place is not your passion or what you want to do, just maybe stepping away for a bit could help you ... View More figure things out better and maybe when you step away you realize that you actually love working with your family so that it could be an eye opener. I would definitely suggest taking some time to do your own thing before it’s too late, before you have a family and you need to support them and all that.