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Being a Mom-preneur


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Listen to Daniela Ferreira talk about being a mom-preneur and how she’s learning to focus her time on specific roles.


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I’m a mom and an entrepreneur, I want to have my own business, and just trying to find the balance between both, you know, being the mom and being the entrepreneur, I think that’s, pretty much what makes me a mom-preneur. I’m still reading the book that she gave me on how to do this and you know, manage your time, cause it’s not easy, you know, the kids will get, why are you always working and why are you leaving again, and even my husband, there’s always my husband too right, you can’t forget him, and he’s like, you’re working again, so I try to find a way where I’m not working when they’re awake, which sometimes means that I’m working from 11 until 1 or 2 in the morning and then tired because I’m getting up at 7 and being mom again so, that’s still like a work ... View More in progress trying to manage all that. Just be really focused and in the zone, like if I’m mom, then I’m mom and sometimes it’s just really, I find, looking at your kids in the eyes, even if they’re asking you a question, this whole thing of, yeah, look at me, look at my drawing and your like, oh my god that’s so cute, like that doesn’t work for me and I’ve you know, made a pledge to myself that I will not do that anymore, like if my kid wants to show me a painting, I will give him the time he needs. You know I won’t be there half an hour, but I’ll actually look him in the eyes and focus and I think that’s important to balance that, because nowadays it’s too easy to, especially in the age of technology, everybody, you go to dinner, people are on their iPhone and the kids, and you need to have that time to really be a mom.