Family Business

Balancing Relationships at Home and at the Office


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Listen to Karl as he describes his relationship with his father at home and at the office. When integrating the rising generation into the family business, it is important for them to rely on hard work rather than entitlement. Family business successors who feel responsible toward the business will be motivated to strive for its success.


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You know at home it’s your typical father son relationship. We joke around, we have common interests and everything, but at work, he’s a different person at work because he wants to make sure I don’t’ take it for granted and that I’m working harder than everybody else around me because I’m very fortunate to have this chance, but it’s not given, so he’s very hard on me in the office. Which, sometimes it’s a little hard to deal with, but I appreciate it very much. (We’re partners?) right? We share this together. So, I have a responsibility toward him and the business so he definitely expects me to work much harder. Solve the problem at work. We talk about work at home a lot, but it’s never in a…we brainstorm at home and we apply it at work.