Family Business

Always Give the Benefit of the Doubt


2 min




Listen to Smitha explain the importance of developing a coherent family circle, encouraging communication between family members and giving members the benefit of the doubt, in a family business.


Smitha Raju


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The first thing that I would want everybody to think is that the coherence that they can bring into the family circle helps the business grow, is the first step that I would say. And the second step that I would say is the ability to be participative in the process and trusting the process and having open communication is the second step I would say. And the third step I would say is you know, we all have different personalities and the interpersonal relationships may lead to certain misunderstandings that, when they are not managed properly would lead to conflicts. So, be aware of it and work from a giving spirit and work from giving the benefit of the doubt to the other and try not to get into the conflict space.