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All for one and one for all

All for one and one for all


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Building an emotional connection in family systems in order to have a cohesive family business.

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All for One and One for All
Emotional connection in family systems

Family unity and cohesion are critical to FB success:
“I want to remain as part of the group”
“I have the feeling I am held hostage”

Family cohesion refers to the family’s emotional connection and how the family system balances togetherness as a family with their separateness as individuals

Cohesion construct:

Business emotional cohesion
- Quality products
- Archives and other artifacts
- Plan tours and internships

Business financial cohesion
- Dividends
- Shareholder agreements
- Business opportunities
- Salaries

Family financial cohesion
- Money/material objects
- Inheritances
- Intra-family lending
- Elevated life style

Family emotional cohesion
- ... View More Regular meetings
- Family name and history
- Interesting personalities
- Philanthropic activities

How to build a cohesive family business:
1) Create a common sense of unity and purpose.
2) Define what type of business you want to be.
3) Create a strong sense of connection within the family.
4) Be proud of what you are doing together.
5) Create an effective governance and leadership to manage the overlap of family and business.
6) Balance individual and collective goals.