Family Business

Addressing the importance of family


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Listen to Rafael Tejeda, an entrepreneur operating Grupo Empresarial R&C S.A. de C.V. based in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, share his view of why one must protect the family equation first, in a family business system. In a family business, it is important to maintain a strong family relationship in order to support one another in tough business situations. A family that is based on trust and respect will be able to engage in proper communication benefiting the business.


Rafael Tejeda




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Rafael Tejeda

For me it’s very important to feel a good relationship, an open ways to talk with your kids, your wife, your brother, your partner, and it that terms, construct the honesty that helps in tough decisions with a good way of communication. Family is first. You could build business every time you want, but to repair the damage of the family takes a lot of time. When I was kid, I most of the time fight with Carlos my brother, very big fights, very big fights, but my father teach us that we have to face our problems, and to face our difference, we have to understand that maybe Carlos think different to me, but I have to respect. We have to talk with our children as early as we can do it, since they were very small, they could understand that the decision we ... View More have to take as a community of the family and they have to know the reasons that we have to take that. Maybe I’m not agreed with you, but I need to respect your opinion and give them the way how to be more tolerant, it’s going to be the best way that we can solve problems in terms of small kids and the ones that are going to be the next generation to operate the business. Time is the best way that settle down things. But when you’re running business, sometimes time is too slow, in that terms, my fathers, they are the mediators. The most important thing is we need to get well educate in family issues and to share some experience, that’s why for me, BFF, it’s an excellent opportunity to share with people that passed my experience and to give me some advices or acknowledge how do they do it.