Family Business

Adapting Family Businesses Over Time


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In today´s environment if it has always been the case that Intrapreneurship and stimulating new ideas are key to a business, in the world today, this becomes even much more relevant and if a company could just remain and maybe float along for some time in a traditional business idea and just executing it better and better, I do not believe that that is going to be an opportunity in the new world. With new technologies, with the world changing as it is, with no business ideas, different approaches, to doing the same thing, to serving those customers, a company that is not aggressively stimulating intrapreneurship, new ideas, new ways of doing things and even new business approaches, its not going be around for long. So, if we don´t encourage that, I think the idea of a family and long tradition of a company that stays from one generation ... View More to the next one is going to be a story of the past. We must embrace intrapreneurship in order to remain relevant over time.