Make sure your family ‘gets the message’

HOW you say something, is often more important than WHAT you say. A text message leaves a lot more up to interpretation than a face-to-face conversation. The more important the message the more present you should be in the conversation.

Make sure your family ‘gets the message’

Have you ever said, “That’s not what I meant!”? If you have, you should take our FREE module on communication, where videos and activities will help you sharpen your communication skills and avoid misunderstandings and conflict with your friends and family.


Embracing difficult conversations as a business family
Speaking Body Language
Keys to Consider in Non-Verbal Communication

Listen to Dr. Joseph Astrachan describe how to improve communication skills and to make communication more effective in business family systems.

Check out this infographic on body language and communication and find out what you’re saying without words.

Listen to BFF Co-Chair Nan-b de Gaspé Beaubien explain the importance of your awareness and development of your non-verbal communication skills.

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